Posted by: Joseph Dixon | August 2, 2013

Another Reason for this Site

There is another purpose for this blog and that is to introduce my novel called, “Search for the Garden.”   I wrote this novel, which is an intellectual mystery/thriller, in order to showcase a real scientist and how he goes about making authentic scientific discoveries.   I have read many science based thrillers and novels and I was often disappointed with the story line, the science behind the story, and the goals and the motivations of the protagonist.  After reading a book, I would often say to myself, “I could write a better novel.”   Of course, I did not know this for sure but several years ago I decided to give it a try.

This novel is not science fiction, which I define as containing science beyond our current capabilities.

I actually did not know how to describe it because I was unsure exactly what it was.  I asked David Morrell ( at Thillerfest this past July what he would call it and he categorized it as an intellectual mystery/thriller!  So that is what it is!

“Search for the Garden” investigates the following:

The underlying drive for the scientific endeavor – this is addressed on several levels:

First there is the basic desire to discover something new– a chemical, a relationship, a structure or process, or a scientific principle.

Second, once a discovery is made there is a feeling of euphoria.  But when this lightens, there is the drive to make another discovery.  This is comparable to an addiction.

Third, there is the urge to contribute to the civilization in order to make it better for the people who live on our earth.

The connection (similarities and differences) between science and art:

The similarities-

The laboratory is not unlike an artist’s studio.

Both the scientist and the artist have to develop different procedures to get a technique to work.

The differences-

The artist creates and then communicates with the world around him or her.

A scientist needs a technical skill, needs to relate his or her work to the world, and then needs to publish the findings so that the world can benefit from the new knowledge.

♣ The pathway for making scientific discoveries – actually, this is only a minor theme in this novel but may be expanded upon in future novels.

There are several subplots, including one addressing a talented art forger who cannot make a living selling his own art and therefore continues to sell forgeries of famous artworks.  The interesting question here is what makes an artwork so famous and iconic?

There is also a romance subplot.  As one agent told me at Thrillerfest, “If there isn’t a romance subplot, then I won’t even consider it.” I guess love makes the world go round!

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